Capsule A/W 2016: Walking the Show

Happy Monday Brazen Babes!

As we have been saying since acceptance - we are absolutely thrilled to feature at Capsule during their Spring 2017 show in September. But before we just jumped into exhibition head first, we wanted a taste of what the show looked like, who was featuring/attending, and techniques other brands used to best portray their brand’s story and vision. We decided to walk the A/W 2016 show and get a glimpse of what all the fuss was really about. 

The show took place on Sunday 2/21 – a beautiful fall day to mark the launch of each brand’s unseen A/W lines. It took place on the Pier 94 – a sweet waterfront location across from Hell’s Kitchen. As we walked in we saw plenty of fabulously dressed buyers holding look books/paperwork/IPads sitting on the modern chairs in the lobby lunching, notetaking, and discussing their findings for the day with their companions.

In the selling section we were struck by the sheer amount of brands being featured. Every brand had their own area that they set up a little table in – racks consisted from 1-3 for most lines.  There were also whole areas sectioned off for “showroom” style marketing where brands collaborate with similar but noncompeting designers and set up in a large spacious area for buyers to browse in. The style of the setups were simple, most brands having a single candle, flowers, or something crafty like little candies and chocolatey nibbles for the buyers to enjoy as they browsed the brand’s racks.

Many of the booths we stopped in were represented by sales or showroom reps, but we also came across many booths being repped by the head designer of the brand – this is where we found the most personal and informative conversations about a designer’s experience with the show and their selling strategies for past markets.

Our favorite conversations were with brands “All Comes from Nothing” and “First Rite”. These two brands were represented by their head designers who stopped to chat with us for a good 5-10 minutes. They were not hesitant to share advice and tips on selling strategies and what tactics worked for them in the past. I wanted to give these designers a shout out because of their friendly and helpful nature. It is refreshing to meet designers who are more focused on building community and helping others out than being protective and inhibited. Check out their sites below – both incredible brands lead by incredible women.

What we took away:

Less is more – we will not be cramming every B.E.C. item ever conceived onto the racks as the clothes become less accessible and more distracting. We will not be cluttering our table with exorbitant amounts of snacks, flowers and candles, but will maybe pick one to spice things up and leave the rest of the table room for writing up order forms and reviewing linsheets.

Be open – TO EVERYONE. Don’t ignore people. At the end of the day, you are representing your brand. You never know what that random passer-by may know or who they may grow to be.

Be organized – The brands doing the most business had all their forms organized and available. Make it as easy as possible for buyers to sign on the dotted line.

We are more than excited to feature in September. If you or your buyer/designer friends are coming out to the show – make sure you/they stop by!