Musings: Yuna

"Ive always loved the mating of music and fashion."

 Lady Gaga

Inspiration is a hard thing to define; a fleeting experience that cannot repeat itself in the same form twice. Discovering the existence of beautiful creations and creators is a revelation that artists constantly seek. I recently stumbled across Malaysian singer Yuna and her compelling individuality and motivation for creating beautiful music literally brought tears to my eyes. So often, the music and fashion industries push artists to sound the same, look the same, create the same; Yuna’s lifestyle and music are perfect rejections of conformity. And people love her for it. Not only is this newfound muse a talented musical artist, she is an absolutely stunning fashion icon. Her striking features and colorful style pairings are what compelled me to learn and understand more about her. Decked out from head to toe in decadent, bright, shining fabrics, Yuna's creativity shines through with blinding light. 

Are you inspired? Who are your muses? Why?