Design Challenges: Not Enough Time or Money?

There are a million reasons to give up and stop pursuing your dreams of creating. That is why you need to stop making excuses and start thinking of a plan to accomplish your goals.

Can’t quit your day job yet? Then don’t. So many startups are under the impression that you must either go all in or don’t go for it at all. However, for us that don’t consider imminent bankruptcy a favorable option, starting slow and using the resources you have is the best way for most average people without large trust funds to achieve financial and creative success in the long run.

A recent article on Makers Row stated “You can do a lot of damage from 10pm-2am, and on weekends. Working on your company during off hours will help you decide if you are passionate enough to be in it for thelong haul.”

This attitude is what is going to keep you going – there are so many excuses about not having money or time. Maybe it’s time to consider staying up late, turning down social opportunities, and sacrificing vacation plans to make more time and save more money for your business. If you are a self-starter with a limited budget – the only way to success is sacrifice.

However, keeping your dream alive is not always a matter of money and time. Getting rejected over and over again, bogged down with social media responsibilities, forgetting your original inspiration, and dealing with the boring business side of fashion can be enough to make any designer give up their pursuits. Not letting the details distress and upset you can be a challenge but it is not impossible!

If you are feeling uninspired, revisit the designers and ideas that inspired your passion originally- maybe even make a mood board of pieces that inspire you and embody your design aesthetic. If you are feeling tired, take a nap or drink some coffee/tea. If you are getting overwhelmed with social media, limit your focus to one or two avenues (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) and spend a little time every day on your account instead of large chunks of time randomly.

I hope this helps to encourage and inspire creative people to keep creating no matter the opposition they face.


XO Bec